Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Redirect Back Blogger Blogs from .in and .com.au to .com Domain

If you access any of the Blogger hosted blogs from India, Australia or from a host of other countries, Google will automatically redirect you to the corresponding country specific domain.

For instance, if a blog’s address is xyz.blogspot.com and you try opening that page from an IP address in India, you will be automatically redirected to xyz.blogspot.in. A similar redirection will occur for individual article pages as well.

How to Prevent Blogger Blogs from Redirecting to Country Specific Domain : 

I have come up with a javascript code that will always serve the .com address to your visitors irrespective of their geographic location

Here’s how you do it.

1. Go to Template > Edit HTML (For old interface : Go to Design > Edit HTML)

2. Search for <head>

3. Paste the following code just below the the <head> tag :

if ((window.location.href.toString().indexOf('.com/'))=='-1')
window.location.href = window.location.href.toString().replace('.blogspot.in/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.com.au/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.co.uk/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.jp/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.co.nz/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.ca/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.de/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.it/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.fr/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.se/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.com.es/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.pt/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.com.br/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.com.ar/','.blogspot.com/ncr/').replace('.blogspot.mx/','.blogspot.com/ncr/');

4. Save your template.

Thats it! Now your blog is  free from country specific redirection :)


  1. Not sure if this is a good idea considering Google' take on localization of Blogger's blogs.
    But nice js code you figured out there!!


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